Pickleball Fixtures

Pickleball Fixtures

Monday Night Pickleball League (MNPL)

MNPL is catered towards players of an intermediate to advanced level, who are seeking weekly competition.

Prizes to be won!!!!

2024 Season 2
Starting: Monday 29th April
Ending: Monday 24th June
Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm (Warm up from 6pm)
Duration: 8 weeks
Maximum: 8 teams of 3 players
Cost: $176 ($22.00 per round) / Member price $160

  • Individual or team sign ups. Individuals will be placed in a team by us.
  • Each team must have minimum 1 female player.
  • 9 matches per team each Monday (6 matches per player)
  • Players must be minimum intermediate level (3.0+ rating)
  • Scoring Format: First to 11 points, win by 2 points each match. Ladder posted on the club noticeboard each week.

MNPL Season 1 2024

Belvedere Blast League

This is an OPEN EVENT, expect THE BEST to participate. Non-gender specific events, play with
whoever you like as a team.

Prize Pool Value of $750+, for first place,
runner up and top individual!

2024 Season 2
Starting: Wednesday 1st of May
Ending: Wednesday 19th of June
Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm (Warm up from 6pm)
Duration: 8 weeks
Maximum: 18 teams of 2 players
Cost: $176 ($22.00 per round) / Member price $160

How it works:
We are bringing an exciting and competitive new format to the Pickleball scene. Each week you and your team mate will play 3 doubles games. You will then need to split; one team mate will play 3 singles games, while the other plays 3 skinny singles games. Your results will accumulate as a team. You can change which player will play singles and skinny singles each week, however please ensure to notify the league organisers.

This league will have 3 pools of 6 teams. This league has a relegation system, the top team from your pool will rotate with the bottom team from the higher pool each week. This ensures competitive and high stakes play each week. Prizes will be awarded for top singles and skinny singles players, and the best overall team, regardless of which pool.

Belvedere Blast Season 1 2024